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Good Home Animal Society is an all-volunteer group. There are no paid employees. Every dollar goes directly to the care and food for the animals. Every dollar helps... no matter what the amount.

All tax-deductible donations
(Tax ID: 20-3431918) go directly to help the animals.

Network for Good notifies the charity on a quarterly basis, so our response back to you will be a bit delayed.

Our Address
530 Showers Drive
Suite 7191
Mountain View, CA



Bay Cities Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Joquin C. Cachola, D.V.M
16 Corning Avenue, Suite 136
Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone. 408-262-2518

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Good Home Animal Society


  • The mission of Good Home Animal Society is to care for abandoned and stray animals in a safe, loving, and stress-free environment. Our firm belief is that kindness and compassion towards animals is an important step in building a better and peaceful community in which both animals and people live.

Why We Need Your Help

  • Our goal is to spay, neuter, and vaccinate the managed feral colonies in our immediate area in order to maintain the current population and to reduce future feral populations.
  • To continue with our trap-neuter-release program, we need volunteers and donations. This type of program has been proven to be the most successful method of maintaining healthy feral cat colonies. With the help of our volunteers, donors, and caregivers, there is no cost to local governments and no adverse effects to the feral cat colonies.

Our Wish List:

  • We recently purchased 11 acres in Castro Valley, California. Part of this property will be dedicated to the animals. Our hope is to establish a permanent sanctuary for feral, abandoned, and unwanted cats and dogs in the next few years (pending finances). But we are off to a good start in 2010.
  • To team with veterinarians who will work with us at a reduced cost, to provide spay / neuter services and to care for sick and injured cats and dogs.
  • To partner and collaborate with other animal rescue organizations and humane societies.
  • Dry and wet cat food for feeding of feral colonies.
  • Donations in any amount are most welcome!

Volunteer Help Wanted

You can help...

We are looking for people who are interested in the following roles:

  • Grant Writer (Especially in Need)
  • PR person to help negotiate relationships with pet food stores, veterinarians, and other animal organizations
  • Graphic artist for newsletters and promotional activities
  • People to help pick up cats from the vet
  • People to help feed feral colonies
  • People to help trap cats and kittens at managed colonies
  • People to help transport trapped cats to vets

To volunteer, send an email.

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"Thanks Patty, I will give them a try this week. Mr. Paris"
Apr 23, 2012
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"Hi Mr. P Since Good Home is close to San Francisco, CA, I have found some names of cat rescues in your area. I'm hoping one of these organizations will be able to trap and fix all the cats/kittens for you and hopefully find good homes. See…"
Apr 23, 2012


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Sweet Thing's Story

Sweet Thing

She will be greatly missed.

>> Read More


Send us a picture of your beloved pet, and we will post to our site. A donation in your pet's memory would be appreciated.

Send email to: info@goodhomeanimalsociety

Approx Age: 14 years old. Stray cat that came to my house when he was around 1 year old. He had FIV and lived his entire life inside my home. A truly amazing, sweetest cat around. He will be missed forever.

Approx Age: 20 years old.
Found in my feral colony. I took her home and she lived indoors for over 14 years. I will miss her, as she was a very sweet and gentle cat.

Approx Age: 11 years old.
Rescue Cat who lived with FIV for a good number of years. He died of kidney failure. He was a wonderful cat, and I'll miss him.

Story above. She passed away Father's Day weekend 2009. At least she lived the remainder of life in a loving, safe, warm environment.
I will miss her.

Approx Age 10 years old.
Adopted through a shelter at age 4. He was a wonderful, loving dog.

Approx age: 21 years old.
Long story short, she became part of my family, and lived indoors for over 15 years.

Approx. Age 19 years old.
Son of Mama Kitty. Born into a feral colony, and just like his mother, was extremely social.
Became part of my family and lived indoors for over 14 years.

Approx Age 11 years old.
Stray cat that wandered to my home. Extremely affectionate.
Soon became part of my family.

A chocolate lab who had a loving home for over 16 years. She was the best dog anyone could imagine. She was loved and will be missed forever.

Approx Age 12 years old.
Stray cat that wandered to my home.
Very friendly and was very fat during her younger years.
Soon became part of my family.

Approx Age 11 years old.
I am assuming he was Rocky's brother. Extremely affectionate.
Soon became part of my family.

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